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P & G AUTO Salvage Vehicles

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Here's what some of our customers have to say.

I purchased a 2003 Saturn Vue with 17,000 miles from P & G Auto for $14,000. The car is just like new.  It is in great shape and runs great. I was so impressed, I bought another 2000 Saturn coupe with 41,000 miles for $5,500 for my daughter.
Hugh Elkins, Davidson, N.C.

I just want to say that the cars that P & G auto rebuilds are unbelievalbe. They run true and are in great condition and priced very well. I purchased a 2000 sl-2 with 46,000 miles for $4,300.  The car is a fine vehicle and my son loves it. 
Denny Williams, Gastonia, N.C.
The deal that I got from P & G auto on an L series car I never would have got from a dealer.  A 2002 L200, loaded with only 32,000 miles for $6,000 was too good to be true.  My wife and I were looking for a family car and this one is perfect.
Joe Wilkowski, Arcadia, N.C.
I was looking for an inexpensive car to get back and froth to work and P & G had a 1998 SL-2 with 85,000 miles.  They let me have it for $3,000.  This car runs great, everything is in working order and I love it. 
Sherri Brown, Yadkinville, N.C.